A Look at Sewer Excavation Services

A look at Sewer Excavation Services

The sewer is probably the last thing at your home that you think about, at least until an issue arises that causes you to think about it. But trust that, if you use a sewer, you will, at some point, need a sewer excavation. This service, provided by a licensed plumber, provides several different procedures that work to clean the sewer so that it works efficiently and effectively for you once again. Your plumber will start with a video sewer inspection to determine the exact problem causing your clog.

Toilet in the bathroom

Sewer line problems are common, especially if the sewer is not well maintained throughout its lifetime. There are a few different things that can cause problems with the main sewer line. Although connected to the city line, you, the homeowner, are responsible for any and all damages and/or repairs this line needs. Blockage by toilet paper, grease, and other objects is one of the most common causes of trouble, but there are other causes as well. This includes tree root infiltration, cracked pipes, collapsed pipes, corrosion and/or deterioration of the pipes, and pipes that are otherwise damaged.

The video camera is placed inside of the sewer line where plumbers are viewing it from above ground. Once the video is viewed, workers know the exact cause of the problem, allowing a more efficient and effective repair of the sewer issue. There are a few options available after this is done. You should talk to your plumber concerning the options and which is best for your needs.

Traditionally, sewer repair is made by digging a trench in the area where the pipe shows damage. Trenchless sewer repair is also an option and one that many homeowners prefer since there is less damage to the lawn and it is faster.  The cost of trenchless repair is a considerable amount more, so do keep this in consideration.

The cost of sewer repair varies, with factors such as the company used for repair, severity of the problem, and method chosen for repair affecting the cost. It is in your best interest to make a few comparisons before you hire a plumber for the job. When you compare it is easy to not only find the best person for the job, but also save a few dollars in the process.

Do not put off repairs to your sewer if you think that there is damage to the pipes. Although you might not want to spend the money to make the repairs, the damage isn’t going to correct itself. It is only going to worsen, costing you more money in the long run to make the repair.