Love your Bathroom: Wonderful Home Improvement Projects

You click through the websites viewing all of those photos of gorgeous bathrooms, and wonder how you, too, can assemble an attractive, delightful bathroom without spending a small fortune. Luckily, those website photos are closer to home than you think. There are numerous ways to improve the look and feel of your bathroom, and make it one room in the house that everyone loves. Here are some ideas.

Walk-in Shower

Choose a curbless walk-in shower and say so long to your tub. This type of shower is in many of those photos that you see online, and they’re definitely attractive and desirable.  Even better, the stylish and modern addition will increase the value of your home should you decide to sale in the future.

Motion Activated Sink

Even if you are not a germaphobic, having a motion activated sink in your bathroom is pretty awesome. With this sink, all that you do is stick your hands underneath the water to clean. It automatically turns itself on and on. You see these types of sinks in many restaurants and other types of facilities, and one at your home may be just what you are looking for.

Add Color and Décor

Changing the color of your bathroom is a simple, hassle-free project that can change the entire appearance of this room. Go for a bright color, such as yellow or blue, and be sure to add plenty of décor as well. There are tons of different décor pieces that enhance your bathroom tremendously. Use them for that purpose!

A New Mirror

When you are in the bathroom you need a good mirror. But instead of using the traditional type of bathroom mirror, why not choose something that is more our style? Victorian style mirrors are just one of the many popular types of bathroom mirrors that you can choose to add that will enhance the love of your bathroom.

Plantation Shutters

New Shelves

Adding new shelves helps you save space, better organize, and add charm to your room. The possibilities for shelves in your home are endless. Use some of those photos you’ve found on the Internet for inspiration, and add your own touch of creativity to create a unique set of shelves that accommodate your bathroom perfectly.